Deboning, Meat Yield Poster Now Available

1 April 2015, at 9:19am

UK - Aviagen Turkeys has produced a new poster 'Deboning and Yield Measurement'.

Management specialist, Dr Jérôme Noirault, recently spoke at the annual Turkey Science and Production Conference outlining the development of breast meat and how to maximise the genetic potential.

The technical transfer team has now published a step-by-step poster, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Technical information includes:

  • How to calculate live weight
    Weight of the part removed divided by the live bird weight.
    Example: 5.4kg breast meat/21kg live bird weight = 25.71 per cent

  • How to calculate carcass weight
    The weight of the part removed divided by the carcass.
    Example: 5.4kg breast meat/15.54 carcass weight= 34.74 per cent breast yield to carcass.

For technical advice and how to measure yield correctly, please contact your Aviagen Turkeys Representative.