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GLOBAL - If imagination is the fount of innovation, then is accident the mother of invention?
calendar icon 2 July 2015
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Certainly when Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered Penicillin in 1928, the resulting creation of antibiotic treatments changed the face of medical history.

Humans are inherently a resourceful race as evidenced by the many pioneering inventions which have shaped history.

The telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, revolutionised global communication.

Edison’s light bulb transformed life from 1879. More recently the creation of the internet, worldwide web and mobile communications has had a life-changing impact on just about everyone on the planet.

Most of us can’t imagine life without a smartphone in hand!

Randox created its own piece of history in the 1990’s when its unique biochip array technology (BAT) was developed and patented with an investment of £200m.

Biochip technology has wide and varied diagnostics capabilities in the clinical, drug testing and food safety sectors.

It enables multiple tests to be carried out on one small sample; it is revolutionising food screening practices, raising the standards of global food safety and increasing consumer confidence in the foods they consume.

With more and more mouths to feed globally, food producers continue to seek ways to increase productivity, whilst keeping costs down and quality up.

Antibiotic treatments for disease feature as a key part of this effort which leads to an increased risk of the presence of residues.

When present in produce for human consumption these residues can present a legitimate threat to health which the food industry works to remove.

These efforts however require the use of the latest technology in drug residue detection ensuring that the end produce reaching the consumer is safe for consumption and free from residues.

Randox Food Diagnostics is helping counter this through its high quality, reliable and cost-effective biochip technology for the screening of antibiotics, growth promoting hormones and drug residues in animals and food products.

Offering unrivalled limits of detection, Randox is changing the face of food safety with cutting-edge screening technology that is trusted by many of the world’s biggest food producers.

Designed to work across a wide variety of matrices, including meat, seafood, honey, grains, cereals and milk, Randox biochip technology uses micro spotting techniques to create an assay that can detect and provide quantitative and semi-qualitative results for up to 22 residues from a single sample.

The biochip is made up of 9x9mm² reaction wells into which samples are placed, requiring little technical expertise for preparation.

Randox’s unique Investigator biochip analyser uses chemiluminescent reaction to produce multiple test results from a single food or beverage sample with easy-to-interpret results ready in less than two hours.

And with less than five per cent false positives and no false negatives reported in tests, food producers can save money on costly confirmatory testing.

Just as the landmark inventions of history are an important part of who we are and the way we live today, Randox biochip technology is integral in ensuring global food safety now and in the future.

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