New Circulation Fan ERD - Quality, Efficiency and Design in Unique Product

2 July 2015, at 12:00am

ITALY - A properly ventilated environment, without stratified heat, humidity and stagnant air helps the animal welfare increasing their productivity.

The new family of circulation fans ERD is born to create a healthy environment that prevents the spread of disease and creates the most suitable solution for the production conditions.

ERD - currently available in the models 31’’ and 37’’- uses a direct driven system that provides greater efficiency by reducing energy losses and also a substantial lowering of the management and maintenance costs. Furthermore, in an environment where a good destratifier is used, greater energy savings result from improved temperature homogeneity.

The propeller has been completely redesigned, in comparison to our previous circulating fans, to ensure a higher air flow and increased efficiency.

The fan body is designed for an easy installation in any type of situation through four functional hanging rings for suspended installation.

Also this new innovative product signed TERMOTECNICA PERICOLI complies with the European directive 2009/125/EC concerning ECODESIGN.

This newcomer in the circulation fans family promises to get great results: the data obtained by the test in our internal laboratories are more than encouraging and demonstrate, once again, that our technical staff work with great dedication optimally combining the production needs of customers with the forefront technology that has always characterised all Pericoli’s products.