Ecuador Poultry Farmers Worried About Falling Prices

6 August 2015, at 12:00am

ECUADOR - Due to the falls in the prices of poultry, many breeders were left unable to pay their debts to factories.

This combination of problems resulted in "a financial blow to cash flow from factories," said Jorge Josse, chief executive of the Association of Balanced Food Producers (Aprobal), reported

Some poultry farmers complain of being undercut by cheaper poultry products from outside their local areas. Other say that the financial ruin of small poultry farmers will lead to domination of the market by large firms, which have the financial muscle to resist price falls.

Poultry farmers from Manabi and Guayas say they are desperate, because the pound of poultry meat that cost 95 cents in April, May and June now costs 80 cents.