PERIcooler - the Fresh Air Machine

ITALY - Evaporative cooling allows an indoor environment to be climatised in a specific structure by introducing air that is fresher and always new.
calendar icon 3 September 2015
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This is done through a simple physical principle known since antiquity and used by the Greek, Arab and Egyptian civilisations.

The cooling air is passes through the PERIcool® pads, which are waterlogged.

The hot air coming from outside, when passing through them, produces a partial water evaporation with the subsequent lowering of heat and temperature.

This adiabatic evaporative system, which does not use any compressor or refrigerant gas, can be easily used in different applications (agriculture, livestock, industrial and even civil) and today it represents the most efficient and a more "green" solution for air-conditioning environments.

PERICOLI, who always pays much attention to these issues, is offering its PERIcooler on the market - an efficient and effective fresh air machine able to beat the heat and significantly cutting running costs.

What are the advantages?

  • Minimum environmental impact: only water is used and no other substance that could be harmful to the ecosystem (refrigerants CFC, HCFC, HFC that deplete the ozone layer of the atmosphere)
  • Very low operating costs: 10% compared to conventional cooling methods
  • Easy Installation and maintenance: possibility also of mobile installation thanks to the wheel kit
  • Ventilation: continuous air exchanges (or recycles) allow to keep a healthy and controlled environment suitable for any production in the building
  • Increased productivity: the climate well-being, inevitably results in an increase in productivity.

PERIcooler uses PERIcool® pads, a technology entirely produced in Italy. Thanks to the latest changes made in the production process, PERICOLI says that PERIcool® is even more technologically advanced and high-performing (for more information click here).

Two green and highly efficient products combined together to become the optimal solution to beat the problem of excessive heat.

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