Aviagen - Nutrition and Feeding

UK - Achieving the correct body composition of broiler breeders in rear and controlling growth in early production is crucial to the performance of the flock.
calendar icon 7 October 2015
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Key is the deposition of sufficient fat reserves to provide the fuel reserves in the late production period.

Field data indicates fat reserves are positively correlated with persistency in production.

Lower density grower diets (2600-2700 kcal ME/kg) when applied in sufficient volumes to meet energy requirements can help with achieving optimal body composition and have additional advantages including: increased feeding time, stimulated gizzard development which will optimise digestive processes, nutrient utilisation, and prolong satiety.

For practical formulation in the field a grower diet containing 2600 kcal ME/kg and 14 per cent crude protein will ensure the correct energy:protein ratio is maintained avoiding excess protein intake.

Increments in the amount of feed week by week must be aligned with the daily energy requirements profile to allow birds to achieve the correct body weight gain and body composition at target age.

Communication (between production managers and nutritionists) and responsive management is the key to ensuring optimal performance and persistency in modern breeder flocks.

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