combiTERM – The Indirect Air Heater

7 October 2015, at 12:00am

ITALY - Pericoli, always highly attentive to the consumer needs, offers its "top seller" product for heating, the combiTERM, which has many possible configurations according to specific customer needs.

The series combiTERM represents a new generation of indirect air heaters, whose main characteristic is versatility: every detail of this machine has been designed to meet all the demands of the different sectors in which it can be used.

The special stainless steel combustion chamber guarantees an efficient heat exchange between the smoke and the clean air released in the surrounding environment.

The wallhousing can be accessorised with practical removable and replaceable elements which allow the heater to be transformed from the suspended version to the wheeled or standing one; different air outlets are also available.

The innovative design of wallhousing and accessories guarantees high quality and state-of-the-art performance, ensuring excellent results in term of easy handling, transportation and installation.

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