ThePoultrySite's Most Read Features of 2015

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Here are the ten most popular feature articles from the ThePoultrySite in 2015. Sit back and have a read of the items people found most interesting in the past year, including some useful tips for poultry producers.
calendar icon 29 December 2015
clock icon 4 minute read

1. Global Poultry Trends - Growth in Chicken Consumption in Americas Slows

Our most read feature this year was a contribution from industry analyst Terry Evans, who provides a fascinating insight into global poultry markets and trade. Here he describes the factors behind poultry meat consumption levels in the Americas, such as economic conditions and production costs.

2. Importance of Vitamins in Poultry Production

This article from Harsh Pandit describes how each of the essential vitamins are used in the bodies of poultry birds, and what illnesses a deficiency of each vitamin can cause. For example, a lack of vitamin K may cause an increase of blood spots in eggs and haemorrhages in the legs and breast.

3. Is Poultry Performance Affected By Feed Particle Size?

Feed particle size manipulation has recently become a “hot topic” as a means to improve the efficiency of poultry live performance. This article presents the latest research into the matter, but there is still much more for researchers to learn about feed optimisation.

4. Managing Coccidiosis in Broiler Breeders

Here you can find plenty of detail on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of coccidiosis, a common parasitic disease in broilers and broiler breeders. The life cycle of broiler breeders is much longer than that of broilers and therefore the approach to coccidiosis prevention is different.

5. Spiking Mortality Syndrome in Broilers, Part 1

The first of a three-part series, this article covers the signs and symptoms and the basis for proper diagnosis of Spiking Mortality Syndrome. Part two and part three focus on ways to prevent the disease, such as ventilation and rodent control. These articles are also available in Spanish on our sister site, ElSitioAvicola.

6. Breeder and Hatchery Factors Impact Broiler Performance

Research presented in this article explored the effects of broiler breeder and hatchery management on the hatchability of chicks and subsequent broiler performance.

7. Feed Ingredients: Consideration of Alternatives When Facing Increased Price Volatility

This useful read discusses the pros and cons of feed ingredients such as corn (maize), sorghum, oats and palm kernel meal, among others. The array of feed ingredients offer alternatives in times of market volatility, when producers' usual feed options may become too expensive.

8. Four Common Minimum Ventilation Mistakes

The goal of minimum ventilation is to maintain adequate moisture removal and air quality without burning excess fuel or stressing birds in the process. Find out how to avoid other problems by ensuring ventilation is in top shape.

9. Global Poultry Trends - Rapid Growth in Asia’s Egg Output

Another article in our series from Terry Evans, this one describes the impact of China on the egg sector in Asia. China dominates egg production in the region, and now accounts for more than 60 per cent of the Asian total.

10. One or Two Legs: Importance of Catching Method for Broiler Welfare

The catching of broilers prior to transport and slaughter is the subject of much concern from animal welfare organisations and the general public. This article looks at recent research on the issue, looking at whether catching by one or two legs is better.

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