Jefo Affirms its Corporate Positioning and Reveals its New Philosophy

GLOBAL - Jefo is a global leader in the field of non-medicated performance feed additives. Founded in Canada in 1982 by Jean Fontaine, BSc, agr., Jefo has grown exponentially over the years, with its products now sold in 57 countries.
calendar icon 15 January 2016
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From the beginning, Jefo has concentrated on innovation – understanding and contributing to the science, economics and practices of livestock production and management. Today, Jefo is a world leader and global partner in the field of feed additives, with its pioneering, cost-saving and efficient solutions, that also promote sustainable development.

A new global corporate philosophy:

Our new philosophy is based on our company’s history and strong corporate values. We're convinced it was time to step-up and differentiate ourselves says president, Jean Fontaine.

Life. It’s health. It’s reproduction. Calving, farrowing, laying, hatching.
It’s milk. It’s growth. It’s animals feeding the hands that feed them.
Jefo is a circle of life.

Life, made easier is nutrition delivered as it should be, through vitamins, minerals, yeasts, and organic acids. It’s better balance, better metabolism. It’s just a little more comfort.

Life, made easier is a promise of health solutions that are easy to administer. Right in the feed, as it should be. Without fuss or pain or risk to the animals. It’s a promise that with better nutrition, animals are more comfortable, easier to raise. That each stage of life is just a little less complicated, with a lower risk of disease, weight loss and mortality due to stress and malnutrition. It’s just a little more peace of mind.

Life, made easier is a promise that Jefo is constantly searching for solutions to animal nutrition challenges, offering a full range of products and programs to satisfy the needs of the different life stages of each species. It’s a lot more confidence and a true partnership.

Life, made easier is a promise of excellent service and expert technical support. It’s a promise that doing business with Jefo is easy, with immediate response and efficient communication. It’s an entire solutions-oriented team at your service.

Life, made easier means programs and solutions for real-life situations, for different life stages and challenges.

Life, made easier with Science. Through its applied scientific research, Jefo continues to innovate and develop additives that take into account the genetic make-up, physiology and metabolism of each species, as well as the varying requirements of the market: Jefo Matrix Technology for safe and targeted delivery of active compounds and nutrients, enzymes for improved feed conversion and increased body weight and liquids for optimal animal performance.

Life, made easier is about timely technical support and practical advice worldwide. It’s experienced, dependable and friendly professionals at your service

Life, made easier means healthy animals feeding the hands that feed them. This is the circle of life. This is what sustains us. This is Jefo.

This new positioning is sustaining the idea the rationale of our logo: a natural cycle, an easier continuity of life. Both humans and animals are part of this cycle, and their interaction is an apt example of balanced responsibility; giving the best to the animal because it is ultimately, given back to us. With this in mind, Life, made easier means healthy animals feeding the hands that feed them. This is the circle of life. This is what sustains us. This is Jefo.

The new philosophy will be rolled out in all communications in the many countries where Jefo is present. New kiosks, stationery, business cards and corporate communications including advertising, promotions and website have been designed. Now again, with this new philosophy, the two elements, the world of nature and the world of science, come together in an expressive way.

A word about Jefo’s graphic logo:

It starts with a connecting line, which represents the notion of give-and-take, of how everything in the world, including animal and human nutrition, is interconnected. It also represents Jefo's commitment to ensuring that the connection is maintained in a responsible, healthy way.

Clockwise around the unbroken circle, the size of the animals increases to represent the company’s main objective: healthy, strong growth. Finally, the hand in the symbol speaks to the company's promise to be actively and responsibly engaged. Jefo chose the circle to stand for the world, and for the company's place in it: as a global company that cares about the planet.

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Ludmila Starostina

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