New Antibiotic Rule to Affect US Poultry Production

8 April 2016, at 12:00am

US - The impending 'Veterinary Feed Directive' or VFD is major federal regulation that affects US poultry and other food animal production.

Administered by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the VFD comes into full effect in January 2017 to revamp the use of antibiotics or drug-type antimicrobials in animal feed or water.

The VFD promotes the "judicious use" of antibiotics in food-producing animals, which means that many medicated products used in federally licensed feed mills now come under veterinary supervision.

VFDs require a veterinarian-client-patient relationship and can only be used "when necessary for assuring animal health", not to promote growth or feed efficiency.

"The VFD creates a new regulatory environment and generates questions," said Jeff Cannon, Diamond V President and CEO, "Especially for the animal producer and veterinarian.

"Under the VFD, antibiotics in feed and water are going to remain a necessary therapeutic tool in animal production for the foreseeable future."

Extensive research shows that Diamond V's natural nutritional health products, including Original XPC™, support animal digestive health and immune function.

A growing body of research shows that Diamond V products also remain effective in the presence of VFD-regulated medicated products and other antimicrobials. In many cases, they can enhance the efficacy of antibiotics.

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