The Netherlands: Barn for Poultry Growing Attracts Many Visitors

NETHERLANDS - Douwe and Hinke Huisman recently presented their modern new poultry house, equipped with a feed pan innovation and a heat exchanger, to the public.
calendar icon 17 May 2016
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The Open House event attracted many visitors: About 200 guests came to Nijeberkoop to take a look at the new barn for poultry growing, i.e. nearly as many people as the quiet village in the Dutch province of Friesland has inhabitants. All equipment and poultry feeding systems in the new barn were purchased from Big Dutchman. The heat exchanger was also designed by the poultry equipment supplier from Vechta. The new house is 100 x 20 meters large and can house 44,000 broilers. It is the fourth poultry house on the Huisman farm, increasing the total number of bird places to 131,000.
Poultry growing with new feed pan

The broilers on the Huisman farm receive their feed from a new Big Dutchman product: Douwe and Hinke Huisman decided to install the Vista 360 feed pan. In contrast to other feed pans available from the poultry equipment supplier, this new pan does not have a grille. Vista 360 was designed according to customer preference and is therefore an indicator of the traditional Big Dutchman approach of always putting the customer first: The customers’ wishes are realised whenever possible.

Whether in Brazil, Siberia or the United Arab Emirates, Big Dutchman feed pans are used the world over. This fact is true because of product features that guarantee that each pan meets the requirements of day-old chicks just as well as those of heavy birds in the final grow-out phase.

Some well-proven design characteristics have therefore also been used for Vista 360. This includes the patented 360° flooding mechanism, the large and curved pan rim that prevents feed wastage and the pan bottom that can be opened easily, allowing thorough cleaning also on the inside.
Earny also usable for exhaust air treatment

When deciding to install the Earny heat exchanger, the Huismans chose a best-selling Big Dutchman product. The heat exchanger’s popularity with poultry keepers has several reasons. Not only saves the heat exchanger between 35 and 60 percent of heating costs, depending on its location and the conditions on site, but its heat recovery rate is moreover well above standard, according to the renowned DLG Focus Test. Another advantage: its compact design and the healthy climate it creates in the poultry house. Earny is also an option for exhaust air treatment, considering it reduces emissions of ammonia, dust and odour by up to 30 percent per year.

Earny is a cross-flow heat exchanger. This means that warm house air and cold fresh air pass through the exchanger bundle at the same time without mixing. Only the heat is exchanged. A filter unit ensures that the exhaust air is cleaned before it enters the heat exchanger. It is important that the filter cartridges are cleaned. This fully-automatic cleaning process prevents performance losses of the exchanger during the grow-out. The exchanger element is made of coated aluminium and has a ruffled structure, which helps to achieve a high heat transfer rate.

Ludmila Starostina

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