Genomics Expose the Role of Phytogenics in Gut Health: BIOMIN

GLOBAL - Omics tools allow a deep insight into the cellular metabolism of animals, and are said to be helping BIOMIN strengthen its market position. We caught up with Franz Waxenecker, development director at that Austrian firm, to get an understanding of hows omics work.
calendar icon 7 September 2016
clock icon 2 minute read

Besides its core business and competence related to mycotoxin control, the company has also been focused on gut health and performance since the late 1990s, he said.

And more recently, his team has been relying on genome sequencing of animal tissue or gut mucosa in order to explore the anti-inflammatory and gut protection potential of feed additives: "The classical microbiology approach was aimed at gaining knowledge about what microbes were there, now, with omics technology such as transcriptomics and proteomics, we can determine what those microbes are doing."

The team seems its responsibility as the translation of omics data info practical applications, flowing on from research outcomes.

"We have seen that phytogenic additives - essential oils and plant extracts - have an anti-inflammatory effect on gut tissue in monogastrics," said Waxenecker, and he has references various studies backing up those results in a recent paper.


Ludmila Starostina

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