Positive EFSA Opinion for Mycofix® Ingredient FUMzyme® in Poultry

15 November 2016, at 12:00am

EU - “This marks a major step in achieving an additional EU authorization for FUMzyme®.

For the poultry industry, it means a new, innovative tool for mycotoxin risk management proven to deactivate fumonisins safely and effectively,” stated Ursula Hofstetter, Director Competence Center Mycotoxins at BIOMIN.

EFSA acknowledged the efficacy of FUMzyme® in degrading fumonisins to non-toxic compounds in the gastrointestinal tract of poultry, as demonstrated in numerous feeding trials.

Protecting flocks

Recent BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey results of 3065 samples taken in the first half of 2016 indicate that fumonisins were detected in 80% of maize, 27% of wheat, 66% of finished feed and 40% of soybean meal samples.