Beyond 'Antibiotic-Free'

Public health concerns about antimicrobial resistance are beginning to impact the food industry.
calendar icon 12 January 2017
clock icon 2 minute read

Food labels already highlight terms like 'antibiotic-free' and 'raised without antibiotics'. Now food manufacturers, supermarkets, and restaurants are going further to reduce or eliminate risks from at least certain antibiotics.

"In many countries," says Jeff Cannon, Diamond V President and CEO, "major changes are coming in regulation of antibiotic use in food animals with far-reaching consequences for the global food industry.

"Yet, for both public health and animal welfare reasons, the therapeutic or veterinary use of antimicrobial compounds is going to continue to be part of poultry and other livestock production. Therefore, antibiotic stewardship is vital - preserving the efficacy of current therapeutic treatments for both human medicine as well as animal agriculture around the world."

Diamond V's natural nutritional health products are playing a vital role as a non-antibiotic solution, Mr. Cannon notes, as they work in antibiotic-free animal production systems as well as conventional systems.

"Our technologies are making another major impact on public health," he adds. "Reducing pathogens like Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Escherichia coli in the gastro-intestinal tracts of animals can help reduce the risk of pathogens in food processing. Reduced pathogen risk in food processing means safer food products in the wholesale and consumer food supply."

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