Farmers Urged to Make Safety a Priority

CANADA - Saskatchewan Agriculture is urging farmers to keep farm safety top of mind as work days get longer and the pressures of spring planting and field work increase, writes Bruce Cochrane.
calendar icon 15 May 2017
clock icon 3 minute read

Spring planting is running well behind the five year average in much of Saskatchewan this year, the result of already wet fields and rains being reported once or twice a week.

Shannon Friesen, a Regional Crop Specialist, with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says, when everything starts happening at once, farmer fatigue becomes an issue so its important to get enough rest.

Shannon Friesen-Saskatchewan Agriculture

This spring is probably busier than we normally would be, simply because we are just a little bit later than we normally would be.

So farm safety is always something that we want to keep at the front of our minds especially as we come down to a real time crunch in the next couple of weeks.

So we want to make sure that producers are checking equipment, making sure that things are working properly before they get into them, you're shutting things off prior to fixing anything as well.

As well wearing any proper clothing or masks or gloves, things like that when working around chemicals, getting lots of rest, making sure that we are staying hydrated, fed and just making sure that we are dong everything we can to not only have a successful seeding season but also to come home each night.

Ms Friesen notes the days are becoming longer so farmers are getting out early in the day and seeding can happen right up until the early morning so getting as much rest as possible will go a long way in helping address farm safety concerns.

She says farmers are chomping at the bit, especially through the central and northern regions and she's hoping progress will pick up as the weather improves.

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