Nutrition the Focus at Latest Aviagen Internal School

May. 10, 2017 – HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen’s® latest internal school “Understanding the Nutritional Needs of the Bird” was designed to offer the company’s customer service representatives a unique opportunity to increase their understanding of the basic nutritional requirements of broiler and breeder birds so that they are equipped to deliver effective advice to customers.
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Nutrition module equipped teams with skills to help customers improve performance.

Held in Atlanta and Auburn, U.S., between April 9 and 15, 16 students from across the globe participated in a mixture of lectures and practical workshop sessions delivered by 11 industry experts from Aviagen, the University of Georgia and Alabama’s Auburn University. The week-long program covered topics including feed ingredients and raw material quality, practical gut health, feed formulation, practical feed milling and the working feed mill, as well as nutrition-related disease identification.

School Director Michael Longley explained, “Aviagen has a long history of providing education to the poultry industry but we believe that learning should not stop with our customers. Our own business units have an ever-increasing need to stay updated with the industry’s latest developments and it is important we invest in our own people as well as in customers. Feed is responsible for at least 70 percent of production costs so understanding bird nutrition is crucial for managers in the field.”

Carolina Jutell, production manager with Aviagen Swechick, commented, “I was eager to increase my understanding of feed and the impact it has on bird performance. Having attended the Nutrition Module I am now able to offer customers a wider spectrum of advice.”

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