AFB Says Farmers Cheering EPA Move to Ditch WOTUS Rule

28 June 2017, at 6:01am

US - The US Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will propose a rule to repeal a controversial Clean Water Act regulation that gave the government broad jurisdiction over land and water.

Zippy Duvall, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation said: "Farmers and ranchers across this country are cheering EPA’s proposal today to ditch its flawed Waters of the US rule.

"We know the importance of clean water, and farmers and ranchers work hard to protect our natural resources every day.

"But this rule was never really about clean water. It was a federal land grab designed to put a straightjacket on farming and private businesses across this nation.

"That’s why our federal courts blocked it from going into effect for the past two years.

"Today’s announcement shows EPA Administrator Pruitt recognises the WOTUS rule for what it is—an illegal and dangerous mistake that needs to be corrected.

"Farm Bureau looks forward to supporting Administrator Pruitt’s proposal.

"EPA should ditch this rule once and for all, go back to the drawing board, and write a new rule that protects water quality without trampling the rights of businesses and the states."

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