Canadian Chicken Farmers Protest Against Video

CANADA - An allegedly disturbing undercover video footage of gruesome animal abuse at more than a dozen Lilydale chicken supplier farms was released this morning at
calendar icon 13 June 2017
clock icon 4 minute read

According to Canadian Insider, the video shows workers punting and throwing birds, slamming them hard against walls and transport crates, ripping the legs off conscious animals, and more. In particularly horrific incidents, a worker is seen trying to rip a bird in half with his bare hands, and other workers torment frightened animals in sexually explicit ways.

In response to the video footage, Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC), in a statement, said that they found the video aired 12 June on CTV shocking and reprehensible.

CFC said: "There is no defense for the mistreatment of birds.

"As part of our commitment, CFC has an established Animal Care Programme that is mandatory, 3rd party audited, and enforced on every farm; it covers the time from when the birds are placed to when they are prepared for transit to the processors, and is completely aligned with the Code of Practice and international standards.

"If a farm is found not to be complying with the Animal Care Programme standards, or is causing undue suffering to birds, the farmer is subject to penalties and the proper authorities will be contacted.

"It is important to convey that this kind of animal abuse is not and will not be tolerated. It is not representative of how the industry works as a whole. CFC will collaborate fully with all elements of the industry, as well as government authorities to ensure that this situation is addressed and to enforce standards that will ensure that it is never repeated.

"CFC strongly believes that the abuse of animals is unacceptable. While CFC’s role is to promote and defend good management practices, we count on every stakeholder in the chicken value chain to be vigilant and responsible."

About the Animal Care Programme

According to CFC: "The CFC Animal Care Programme has credible, science-based foundations in that it is based on the Code of Practice developed by the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC). NFACC is a world leader in bringing together stakeholders with different perspectives – farmers, veterinarians, processors, transporters, animal welfare associations, and provincial/federal governments – to develop robust and sound Codes of Practice.

"NFACC’s Code Development process begins with a full scientific review which is used to draft the Code that then undergoes a public consultation process. In this way, all Canadians have an opportunity to contribute to the final Code. The NFACC process is a standard that is internationally recognized and applauded.

"The programme recently completed an inaugural comprehensive third-party audit. NSF International’s report concluded that 'The national Animal Care Programme has been implemented effectively and maintained on an on-going basis. Animal care measures have been consistently applied." NSF is an internationally-recognized, third-party certification body, accredited by the American National Standards Institute to ISO 17065.

"Chicken Farmers of Canada is responsible for ensuring that our 2,800 farmers produce the right amount of fresh, safe, high-quality chicken and that our farmer’s views are taken into account when important agriculture and policy decisions are made."

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