Range of Tasks Makes Farming an Especially Risky Occupation

CANADA - The Director of the Manitoba Farm Safety Programme says the wide variety of tasks to be done on the farm, makes farming one of the more risky occupations, Bruce Cochrane reports.
calendar icon 20 June 2017
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The Manitoba Farm Safety Programme provides safety services free of charge, including training, on farm safety inspections and farm safety programme development to Manitoba farmers to help them manage safety on their farms.

Keith Castonguay, the Director of the Manitoba Farm Safety Programme, says the Manitoba Farm Safety Programme is an industry-based safety programme for farmers by farmers that consider the unique safety challenges of the industry.

Keith Castonguay-Manitoba Farm Safety Programme

There's been a lack of awareness in a lot of farming groups that legislation that's for every other business in Canada actually applies to them too.

If you have hired staff then there's responsibilities that, as a business owner, you have to maintain them.

There's responsibilities that a farmer has to have and they go for training, orientation.

Hazard awareness is a very big part.

In the hog industry H2S is a concern, making sure that employees understand the risk that's involved with it.

If you do any kind of chemical application in any of the farming, what are the risks?

Are you creating awareness, are you putting programmes in place to prevent injuries?

One of the biggest ones on farms is dealing with equipment.

There's lots of equipment, lots of moving parts.

The uniqueness about farming is that, in most industries if you hire on, you're probably doing one or two jobs in a day, a week, or a career.

In farming you're doing lots of them.

There's lots of big moving equipment, there's lots of animals, there's lots of things to be aware of so the risks are very high in farming and being aware of them is big a part of any good safety programme.

Mr Castonguay says farmers know the risks involved in farming so the Manitoba Farm Safety Programme takes direction from farmers to create the tools that will help make sure everyone goes home safely every day.

For more on the Manitoba farm Safety Programme visit manitobafarmsafety.ca.

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