Aviagen and Arbor Acres distributor develop homegrown strategies and opportunities for organic growth in Egypt

On May 16, a delegation of Aviagen® executives and Arbor Acres® Middle East and Africa (MEA) representatives paid a special visit to Cairo Poultry Company (CPC), the exclusive Arbor Acres distributor for Egypt.
calendar icon 8 August 2017
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CPC welcomed Aviagen’s MEA Business Manager Michael Garden and President of International Business Tom Exley, as well as members of the Arbor Acres MEA team, Stanley Millar, senior consultant and Khalil Nassar, international commercial manager.

Together, the team met with Mr. Adel Al-Alfi, managing director of Cairo Poultry Group; Dr. Amir Iskander, general manager of CPC Poultry Activities and Dr. Khaled Moustafa, general manager of CPC’s grandparent (GP) sector to share views on current market developments and strategies for future success.

Arbor Acres yields competitive benefits for farmers

Arbor Acres is currently enjoying sweeping popularity in Egypt as its key attributes of outstanding yield, excellent growth rate, robustness and great feed conversion ratio (FCR) deliver economic benefits for customers.

Compartmentalization, biosecurity pave way for safe, secure export to Egypt

Exley presented a global update on Aviagen’s compartmentalization strategy. Compartmentalization is awarded to poultry breeders with an approved level of biosecurity. Aviagen has achieved compartment status in the UK, which means the company has Government-audited bases from which healthy poultry is securely exported. What compartmentalization accomplishes is that in the event of a notifiable disease outbreak of Avian Influenza (AI) or Newcastle Disease (ND), Arbor Acres GP and parent stock chicks may be shipped from secure compartments to countries that recognize compartmentalization.

In light of recent Avian Influenza cases worldwide, the strategy has become increasingly important. However, in order for compartmentalization to be successful, importing countries must endorse the compartment status. During his presentation, Garden spoke on the recognition of compartmentalization status by certain countries and what widespread acceptance means to the poultry industry.

Bright outlook for Arbor Acres in Egypt

Al-Alfi agrees that the outlook is bright for Arbor Acres in Egypt. “CPC has enjoyed a productive and successful long-term alliance with Aviagen,” he says. “I’m looking forward to a continued close cooperation with the Arbor Acres and Aviagen teams, as the demand for Arbor Acres breeding stock continues to grow and, in turn, our share of the Egyptian market increases.”

Dr. Iskandar stresses the importance of food safety and security to CPC. “The good health of our poultry is of utmost importance to CPC,” he says. “CPC has taken careful measures to reduce the risk of pathogens and ensure the delivery of healthy and robust chickens to our customers.”

CPC increases GP stock to meet expected market growth in Egypt

Dr. Moustafa introduced CPC’s strategic expansion plans to keep pace with the growing demand for Arbor Acres chicks, as well as CPC’s integration expansion plans to meet the requirements of the Egyptian market.

Formula for success

Nassar shares his take on the widespread success of Arbor Acres in Egypt. “The success of a breed depends on a dedicated primary breeder such as Aviagen that invests in research and development to continually build up the health, welfare and performance and that works hand-in-hand with distributors and customers to optimize the breed to its highest potential,” he says. “I commend CPC for its strong dedication to promoting the Arbor Acres brand. Its agility to quickly adapt to changing market requirements and its keen business insight will fortify the success of Arbor Acres in the Egyptian market.”

Picture captions (L-R): Mr. Mohamad Gomaa (assistant to Dr. Khaled); Stanley Millar; Dr. Khaled; Tom Exley; Michael Garden; Khalil Nassar

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