Niger to Boost Poultry Farming with Mobile Kits

18 August 2017, at 12:00am

NIGERIA - Niger State government is set to boost poultry production through the introduction of mobile kits. The mobile poultry is part of the youth empowerment scheme with agriculture entrepreneurship as the driving force.

In an interview with South Africa's BizCommunity correspondent at the weekend in Minna, the director general of Youth Empowerment Initiative in the state, Malam Kolo, said the state government would be importing 1,250 of the kits in the first phase of the programme.

"With the mobile kits, you can raise your birds in cages. You can wheel the kits out in the day and roll them in at night," he said

He said five interested beneficiaries would be selected from each of the 25 local government areas in the state and trained on how to operate the kit. "The beneficiaries would then be given the kits and other incentives to start up," he explained.

He said a kit contained five units, while each unit took 100 birds, adding that each kit, therefore, could accommodate 500 birds at one go.

The DG believed that the initiative, which was nursed at a fair in China, would address the problem of accommodation, which often discouraged indigent young men and women from venturing into poultry business.

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