Chicken Industry Concludes New Federal Provincial Agreement, Welcomes Alberta Back into the Flock

CANADA - The final step in concluding a new Federal Provincial Agreement for Chicken (FPA) was taken earlier this week. On 31 October, Farm Products Council of Canada determined that Governor-in-Council approval is not required for the new FPA.
calendar icon 7 November 2017
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This brings to close more than 8 years of discussions and negotiations to arrive at a new allocation methodology that is not only supported by all federal and provincial signatories, but also delivers on the requirements of the Farm Products Agencies Act for Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) to take comparative advantage into account when allocating production growth.

The new FPA provides increased certainty to all industry stakeholders. "With it, we have the tools we need to grow, develop and thrive," added Benoît Fontaine, Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada. "This FPA marks our industry’s total commitment to a dynamic and always evolving supply management system for chicken."

With the new FPA in hand, the Canadian chicken industry welcomed back Alberta Chicken Producers into the agreement, bringing all provinces back into the system.

Alberta had withdrawn from the FPA in 2013, but continued to work at CFC on the modernization of the allocation system, to ensure that Canadians from coast to coast continue to enjoy a steady supply of fresh, high-quality, Canadian-grown chicken.

"Our focus on responding quickly to the changing demands of consumers in every province, and to meeting all our challenges, are among the many reasons we are a Canadian success story," said Mr Fontaine. "We’re excited to have all our provinces back on board."

This comes at a time when the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand is gaining increased awareness in the marketplace. Consumers know that when they buy chicken with the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo, they are getting chicken raised by farmers with a commitment to excellence in food safety, animal care and sustainability.

"The agreement provides strength to the Canadian chicken industry and shows that we can work together to evolve our supply management system for the benefit of all," said Michael Laliberté, Executive Director.

Supply management is a uniquely Canadian response to market volatility in a perishable product market. Consumer demand is rarely static. It changes as a result of demographic shifts, immigration from countries with different food preferences, and new science related to human health and nutrition.

This latest FPA is paramount to the Canadian chicken industry’s continued strategic growth. The active support and participation of the federal and provincial governments enhances the nation’s international trade position, backing Canada’s right to use the marketing systems of its choice.

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