Smart Vaccination for poultry by Hipra

HIPRA Smart Vaccination for poultry is the culmination of a 3-step process for the total and transparent control of what remains one of the costliest parasites in poultry production – coccidiosis.
calendar icon 9 January 2018
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At this moment, HIPRA has implemented this concept in his coccidiosis range vaccines, but for sure, this is the future line of the company and this Smart Vaccination will be affirmed by these newly launched products.

Smart Vaccination is the collective term for the 3-part process for vaccination and emphasises the position of prevention before treatment that HIPRA are not alone in championing.
The 3 –step components are:

  1. Hipracox® and Evalon®: vaccines
  2. Hipraspray®: administration device
  3. Hipralink®: live support, digital monitoring and data analysis tool.

Hipracox® and Evalon®

Evalon® is a vaccine oriented to prevent coccidiosis in long life cycle birds and Hipracox® is a vaccine with specific strains for broilers.

Both vaccines have been produced with colour and aroma that significantly increases uptake by chicks during administration and comes in a microchipped vial by an RFID chip that records the number of doses, batch number and expiration data.

But in the case of Evalon®, this colour and aroma is named Hipramune T and acts as an adjuvant component achieving up to 60 weeks of immunity in the folws.

When Evalon® and/or Hipracox® used with Hipraspray® and the Hipralink® the chip provides 100% traceability of vaccine administration which is being called for more and more often by customers.


Hipraspray® is the first device specially developed for the administration of the coccidiosis vaccines Evalon® and Hipracox®.

Hipraspray® fits to the different market needs coming in three models:

  • A manual model that contains the tower with the electronic circuit and a cabinet that has the nozzles.

  • A semi-automatic model that has a conveyor belt so the boxes pass below the cabinet in a controlled speed.

  • And an in-line model, that is totally customized for the client depending on its needs and adapting to the line speed

Hipraspray® differs from other devices already installed in the market in:

  • Automatic adjustment of pressure and of the volume administered, ensuring correct administration of the vaccine in terms of both volume and droplet size , namely 200-250 microns, which is the size recommended in order not to affect the Eimeria oocysts.
  • Magnetic shaker included in the design and a special stirrer, giving correct homogenisation of the suspension and thereby ensuring the correct distribution of Eimeria oocysts, both in the suspension and during administration.
  • Auto-cleaning process menu, that ensures the correct cleaning of the device taking out any product residue at the end of the vaccination session or taking out any cleaning product at the begging of the session vaccination.
  • Automatic calibration according to the size of the box, thereby simplifying the daily work of the hatchery personnel.
  • And a system of alarms and warnings that ensures the correct vaccination process.

Hipraspray® needs Ethernet cable connection to link to Hipralink® software allowing live monitoring for every vaccine administration session. Additionally, thanks to this Ethernet connection, the user is connected to the Hipra support team in real time for access to guidance and troubleshooting.


Hipralink® is a tool that links the information created regarding sessions and planning of vaccination dates with the vaccination process, receiving information on vaccination in real time. One can monitor the number of does delivered, number of birds vaccinated and even staff member responsible.

From the production perspective, Hipralink® works on two levels:

1. At hatchery level:

The hatchery manager can plan hatchings and manage vaccinations from either the website, tablet or smartphone. This means that the vaccination process can be planned and managed from anywhere at any time.

The possibility of tracing the vaccination process in the hatchery is highly valued from the perspective of the hatchery manager.

2. At final producer level:

At this level, it is the final customer who will reap the benefit of traceability by generating users at final customer level, and giving the permission to the hatchery to share all the information relating to the vaccination process with them.

So finally, at this moment, we can summarise about Hipra Smart Vaccination for Poultry as a connected world of services developed for the precise administration and traceability of the vaccination process for Evalon® and Hipracox® vaccines, but will be open to a new range of products in all species.

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