Too many eggs, not enough tech: Egg glut in Nigeria a result of a paucity technology

16 April 2018, at 12:00am

CEO Emmanuel Iregbeyen, Emiraz Farms, points to a lack of technology as the culprit for Nigerian egg glut

When there are too many eggs on the market and not enough demand for them, egg glut can create a lot of waste, especially if those eggs cannot be adequately preserved or processed for alternative uses such as egg powders.

Mr Iregbeyen points to a lack of preservation technology in Nigeria as the source of the issue, which leads to a loss of revenue for farmers whose initial costs are quite high in terms of feed and raw materials. These farmers, with adequate preservation technologies, would otherwise be able to convert fresh eggs into preservable egg powder for long-term storage and later export.

At present, however, Mr Iregbeyen notes that "We are still at a level where we are yet to have factories that can turn poultry products into other uses like egg powders. We are lagging behind in preserving our poultry produce."

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