US egg recall could affect 2 million eggs in Hong Kong

18 April 2018, at 12:00am

The recent recall of over 206 million eggs which were potentially contaminated with Salmonella in the US could include 2 million eggs exported to Hong Kong, reports the South China Morning post

Preliminary investigations found that five importers and retailers had brought in about 6,000 cartons of eggs from the US. One importer, Maxim's Caterers, has already disposed of the eggs, while the remaining companies, General Hero, Shun Hing Hoo, Tai Cheong Eggs Company and Luen Tai Hong have begun to recall their own egg supply.

The South China Morning Post emphasises, however, that the recall would not affect the daily operation of restaurants or bakeries since imported eggs from the US only make up about a quarter of Hong Kong's daily consumption of eggs, which is estimated to be at around 5 million eggs per day.

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