Cobb invests in customers, hosts 19th annual World Technical School

21 May 2018, at 12:00am

50 men and women from 28 countries are returning home after spending nearly two weeks at the Cobb-Vantress 2018 World Technical School in Northwest Arkansas. The company’s valued global customers and poultry partners gathered to discuss best practices and the issues facing the poultry industry

This year’s eleven-day programme featured top poultry experts, hands-on workshops, and tours of local farms and hatcheries, a feed mill, processing plant and a university lab. Each day focused on a different aspect of poultry production; covering parent and grandparent stock, broilers, hatcheries, bird health and nutrition, processing, and the environment. Topics were translated into several languages to accommodate international attendees and guests.

“World Technical School is one of the highlights of our year,” said Robin Jarquin, World Technical Support codirector.

“We’ve hosted this poultry boot camp for customers from our regions around the world since 1999.

Cobb experts share the best management and husbandry practices, and participants make lifelong friendships. We learn as a group and have a lot of fun along the way,” Jarquin said.

Attendees heard guest speakers and poultry experts on topics such as animal welfare, management techniques and housing at Cobb-Vantress global headquarters in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. For some attendees it was their first trip to the United States, and they were able to enjoy a variety of entertainment options and outdoor activities including cycling, fishing, bowling and a cooking competition featuring cuisines from each of the participant’s regions.

World Technical Support co-director Cody Polley said it is a very valuable technical school for global customers. “They learn from our technical advice and have the opportunity to participate in several hands-on training exercises showing the value and quality of our products. The facility visits alone provide a one of a kind experience that few in poultry get to see.”

Polley said experts share practical tips that can be implemented in operations right away. “I’m proud Cobb-Vantress strives to offer more and better resources than anyone in the industry.”

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