Insects take the world by swarm: Bugs for food and feed

22 May 2018, at 12:00am

The 2nd International conference “Insect to Feed the World” held from 15 to 18 May 2018 in Wuhan (China), was the occasion to officially lay the foundation for the international collaboration between 4 regional insect associations: IPIFF, AFFIA, IPAA & NACIA

Representing respectively European, Asian, Australian and American insect producers, these associations decided to organise a roundtable in order to make a step toward the development of the insect industry by agreeing on priority topics to work on: Codex Alimentarius, certification, education and good hygiene practices.

“I am pleased to have seen the initial round table facilitated here in China. It is an important step for the industry on a global level that will ensure we are moving forward positively and cohesively together, to a stronger insect industry for the future,” said IPIFF Treasurer and Execom member Heinrich Katz

“Developing a globally accepted certification for the production of food and feed is a compelling idea for developing a foundation for emerging companies to build on, and for developing companies to leverage building trust and transparency in industry,” added AIPAA President Olympia Yarger.

“Education is a global priority for insect farming and insect consumption. Delivering insect positive messages and information to the public is vital to moving the industry forward in a positive way. We look forward to further collaboration and development of media, education and training kits, to further promote insects as food and feed, with other regions into the future,” said NACIA President Marianne Shockley.

“The Codex Alimentarius is a food code, which has been established by FAO and WHO. From a global perspective, the importance to connect with these organisations will ensure we do not try and make a new body of regulations, but instead utilise existing ones on consumers’ health and fair trade,” concluded AFFIA President Anne Deguerry.

As reported by the IPIFF
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