IPPE Insights: Biomin's GUTCheck, PROCheck target root cause of issue

14 May 2018, at 12:00am

Biomin America's business has been focused on developing two services this past year - PROcheck and GUTcheck - both designed to take a comprehensive look at a key issue and solve the problem, not the symptoms

According to Chastity Pender, poultry technical manager with Biomin America, PROcheck is a five-step service program designed to counteract the mycotoxins occurring in feed ingredients and safeguard the health and performance of animals, using a monitoring and analytical service in collaboration with sister company, Romer Labs.

GUTCheckGUTcheck is a five-step service program providing a comprehensive approach to gut health management, supporting the health and productivity of your animals.

"GUTcheck is a service we do to help our customers get a little bit further into the root cause of some of their issues that includes microbial analysis for example, nutrient digestibility, really helping them get down to the actual cause of their problems, so that we can help find a solution that treats their actual problem and not just the symptoms that they're seeing," Pender said.

Biomin's services and the products' objective is to ensure they result in differential diagnosis that helps the customer identify the core problem.

"A lot of times with feed additives, for example, they're treating the symptoms and not actually figuring out what may be causing what they're seeing in the field," she said. "Ultimately, we help them pick the correct solution to match the issues that they're having."

This typically involves getting on the farm and seeing the issues first-hand, taking samples, providing consulting services, sharing ideas from other observations we've seen in the field that may help them make better management decisions.

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