New issue of Poultry Digital magazine zeroes in on sustainability

2 May 2018, at 12:00am

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, IKEA's "Better Chicken" programme, sustainable hen housing and phytogenics feature in the MAy 2018 issue of Poultry Digital magazine

In this issue of Poultry Digital, Dr Lesley Mitchell from Good Food Futures takes an in depth look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals and discusses the role of poultry in achieving them (page 10). She also follows up on IKEA's Better Chicken Programme to find out how the company plans to improve welfare for the birds in its supply chain, decrease environmental impacts and reduce its use of antibiotics (page 16).

Melanie Epp speaks with industry leaders to analyse what's involved in measuring the various hen housing systems in terms of sustainability (page 12) and Matthew Wedzerai investigates the benefits of phytogenics on poultry health (page 20).

Join us and have a read to meet Alltech's chief innovation officer, Aidan Connolly, and see your questions answered by Mike Colley in our Reader Q&A.