Digitization in the poultry house – and much more

In just a few days, VIV Europe, one of the world’s largest trade shows for modern poultry production, will open its gates in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
calendar icon 18 June 2018
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Following the motto “The Smart World of Big Dutchman”, the poultry equipment supplier Big Dutchman from Vechta, Germany, will show its product range on large and inviting stands in Hall 12 for the duration of the show (20 to 22 June).

“To us, ‘smart’ refers not only to the current ‘hot topics’ regarding digitization, but also to clever innovations, housing concepts and other solutions poultry managers can use to make their farms future-proof,” explains Big Dutchman CEO Bernd Meerpohl.

This statement is reflected by the impressive number of products Big Dutchman will boast during the European VIV version that takes place every four years. The Big Dutchman booth has interesting and innovative solutions for every poultry house. FarmBookpro, the free-of-charge app for every poultry grower, efficient BigFarmNet solutions, new farm packers, a brand new mobile house on wheels and the world’s first aviary for broiler breeders are just some examples.

Poultry managers can look forward to many attractive innovations on stands 12.C060 and 12.D060:

  • ViperTouch 6.0 climate and production computer – All new: the Big Dutchman success story for state-of-the-art management and control of broiler houses is now also available for egg production thanks to special software modifications. Great functions such as layer feeding, shell limestone dosing, water level alarms, egg counting and air mixer control included! Egg and meat producers can also look forward to a faster processor, the larger 10-inch display and more functions with even more benefits.
  • FlexLED HO (high output) LED lamp – the second generation! The new light tube’s output is four times higher than that of the standard FlexLED, making it ideal for aisle and ceiling lighting.
  • FlexLED ECO LED lamp: a small and compact lamp for management systems or for mounting below the aviary as well as for retrofitting of existing systems. And so easy to install!
  • FarmBookpro app – The first app for every poultry grower makes documentation and analyses as simple as never before. The smartphone turns into a digital notebook! The app works with any equipment, irrespective of the manufacturer, and can also be used for turkey and duck production. Find more details including the app for download here!

  • MaleChain feeding system for broiler breeder males: space-saving installation thanks to a chain loop in one single trough. The feed chain also promotes natural smoothing of the males’ beak.
  • BelEtage aviary concept for increased animal welfare – The world’s first aviary for broiler breeders. Three different levels allow the birds to find raised areas they can use to rest and as a retreat.
  • Stand-alone Relax nest 2.0 for broiler breeders – New features increase hygiene and nest acceptance even more.
  • Nest-integrated bird scale Nesca for the Big Dutchman broiler breeder nests: all birds are weighed reliably and directly in the nest – even lazy and heavy ones.
  • SIMBA belt system for manure pits – This innovation significantly reduces the ammonia load in broiler breeder houses because it removes the manure regularly during the batch, and not only after the birds have been moved out. The result: an improved climate in the house and increased animal welfare. Another plus is the lower jump height that ensures that the birds accept the nest better.
  • New ChickNic feed pan with integrated feed storage – An innovative combination of feed pan and automatic feeder for countries with inconsistent power supply (available as suspended or stand-alone version).
  • Pressure regulator with integrated solenoid valve and automatic rinsing – Automatic rinsing of the drinker line to minimise biofilm formation.
  • Slat washer – A machine that automatically cleans plastic slats from broiler, breeder and duck houses.

Big Dutchman International GmbH is happy to welcome you in hall 12 at stands 12.C060 and 12.D060.

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