Conference tackles antibiotic resistance in food-producing animals

16 August 2018, at 12:00am

Leading figures in the UK animal health and food sectors speak at groundbreaking conference to tackle antibiotic resistance in meat and egg production

Christine Middlemiss, Chief Veterinary Officer will give the keynote address at the first national conference about the global risk to human health of misuse and overuse of antibiotics.

The conference, which takes place 4 October at Resource for London, will show how antibiotic stewardship is key to tackling the global epidemic of antimicrobial resistance and demonstrate how working across the sectors of animal health and food are fundamental to ensuring ongoing effectiveness of antibiotics.

Speaking about the reason for bringing representatives of sectors together at this event, Conference Director Scott Buckler said "The global health crisis caused by antibiotic resistance should not be underestimated by any professional working in animal or food sectors. It should also not be ignored which many organisations are currently doing."

"There has been lots of coverage over misuse of antibiotics within swine and poultry, many of which are false, this conference, utilising the British Poultry Council will clear some of these myths up and showcase the huge steps forward being made by poultry and swine professionals."

Scott continued to say: "The Conference will provide guidance, support and information to professionals responsible for antibiotic stewardship”.

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