60,000 pullets learn for life

Christelle and Bruno Le Parc from Priziac (department 56), about 100 km east of Brest in Brittany, have transformed one of their poultry houses: where they once kept their layers in enriched colony systems, pullets now learn how to fly and jump in the Big Dutchman rearing aviary NATURA Filia.
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The couple’s decision to change their management system was based on current market trends: more and more French consumers eat barn and free range eggs. Additionally, aviaries are the system of choice in an increasing number of barns. Keeping layers in aviaries requires good preparation: the birds need to practise eating, drinking and moving in these systems.

Christelle and Bruno Le Parc, with their agricultural company called SCEA Kerfrançois, are the first poultry managers in Brittany to have switched from an enriched colony system to pullet rearing. Their NATURA Filia rearing aviary is also the first of its type in Brittany: until recently, the German poultry equipment supplier Big Dutchman had only sold NATURA Primus aviary systems in this region of France.

Pullet rearing: aviaries for a farmer’s every need

In contrast to the three-tier NATURA Primus aviary, Filia only has two tiers. Thanks to the increased distance between the first tier and the floor, producers can meet specific rules for pullet rearing (organic production). Another special feature of the Filia aviary is the intermediate level inside the tiers. From an early age, the birds can use this level to jump and fly, even while the system is still closed.

Big Dutchman has been developing and distributing aviary systems for egg production for more than three decades. Today, the NATURA product family consists of more than 20 members. Whether the barn is new or old, whether the manager selects organic, barn egg or free range egg production, whether the barn has a high or extremely low ceiling – Big Dutchman can guarantee a flexible solution with high stocking densities due to this large number of models.

Pullet rearing Le Parc in detail:

Terragricoles de Bretagne and Payson Breton , two online platforms for modern poultry production, report on the new orientation of SCEA Kerfrançois.

Paysan breton:
"Les poulettes en volière ont pris la place des pondeuses en cages"

Terragricoles de Bretagne:
"Pondeuses, de la cage à la volière poulettes"

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