Imported eggs will force Western Australian farmers to close

7 November 2018, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA, 7 November 2018: Western Australian egg farmers say eggs sold in some major supermarkets are now imported from the eastern states and their industry is struggling to survive on a number of fronts

A report published by ABC stated that Western Australian egg farmers are struggling with the higher cost of feed and low cost of eggs. They are calling for increased prices to compensate for the feed costs. One farmer, Joe Sacca, said he used to receive $2/dozen but not only receives $1.20.

Mr Sacca explained that many egg farmers under the same conditions can't complain or their contracts will be cancelled.

"Some farms are facing the very real prospect of shutting down, and if egg farmers in Western Australia continue to have the market flooded with eggs from the east then I'd say the risk of farms closing is increased ten-fold.

"It's a lot of farms, a lot of eggs, and it's also a lot of jobs. All of those things would be on the line," said John Dunn, chief executive of Egg Farmers Australia.

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