Carrefour launches promotion zones for cage-free eggs

10 December 2018, at 12:00am

TAIWAN, 10 December 2018 - Carrefour Taiwan stores have set up promotion zones for cage-free eggs supplied by domestic farmers, the hypermarket chain said last week, adding that it would also encourage affiliated restaurants to use such eggs

In cooperation with the Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST), the company said on 15th May it aimed to set up promotion zones for cage-free eggs at all of its stores by the end of this year.

It was the first market chain in the nation to make such an announcement.

Carrefour Taiwan plans to sell only cage-free eggs by 2025.

The company has fulfilled its first promise by setting up zones at its 126 stores across the nation, including its online stores, company general manager Wang Chun-chao told a news conference at its Dazhi branch in Taipei.

The company also launched cage-free tea eggs, Wang said, adding that Carrefour Taiwan would increase its use of such eggs and encourage restaurants inside its stores to follow suit.

Source: Taipei Times