Rising poultry prices in Iran making it too expensive for many

26 December 2018, at 12:00am

IRAN - While the price of a whole chicken is $1.3 per pound in the United States, the cost in Iran has gone up to almost $1.15. But the income of an average Iranian is many times less than that of a middle class American

Analysts in Iran believe that chicken is expected to disappear from the grocery baskets of families in Iran.

A producers’ union official has said "a 40 percent drop in production" and the "poultry producers’ tendency to benefit from the current situation to gain as much as possible", as well as poultry diseases have pushed prices higher.

Price comparisons indicate that the price of chicken shows more than a 40 percent rise within the last five months.

Prices of many essential goods have been rising in Iran due to the fall in the value of the national currency, made worse by US sanctions.

As red meat and fish have become too expensive, the middle class and poorer strata of the Iranian society have turned to buying poultry, significantly increasing the price of chicken according to industry experts.

Source: Radio Farda