Concerns raised over level of lead in eggs laid by backyard chickens

14 January 2019, at 12:00am

NEW ZEALAND - Concerning levels of lead have been found in a study of eggs laid by chickens in Auckland backyards

The research carried out by veterinarian Liz Cowie looked at lead concentrations in the blood and eggs of backyard laying hens on Auckland properties.

Of the 30 hens blood-tested for lead, 23 showed evidence of lead exposure, and according to a toxicologist, lead concentrations are likely remnants of old, lead-based paint from the mid 1900s, and are of highest concern to pregnant women and young children.

The study also tested 23 eggs, all of which had detectable concentrations of lead in the egg yolk. Just over half - 12 - of these eggs had concentrations of lead in the yolks Cowie dubbed sufficient to warrant human health concern.

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