VIV Asia 2019: The smart world of Big Dutchman

6 March 2019, at 12:00am

From equipment for modern egg production and poultry growing to clever feeding and sophisticated climate control systems: Big Dutchman introduce many innovations at VIV Asia 2019.

Following the motto “The Smart World of Big Dutchman" these include:

  • The automatic manure belt adjustment AMBA. It monitors the belts during manure removal, ensures that they run straight.
  • ChickNic, a feed pan with integrated feed storage for countries with inconsistent power supply.
  • Plastic slats for broiler houses
  • A slat washer for automatic washing of plastic slats from broiler, broiler breeder or duck houses.
  • Male Chain, the world’s first chain feeding system exclusively developed for the feeding of male breeders.
  • Clever LED solutions for efficient lighting of poultry growing and egg production houses.
  • The further developed climate and production computer Viper Touch 6.0 with a new powerful CPU and large 10" display.
  • DOL 53, a long-term, stable NH3 sensor for continuous measuring of the ammonia concentration in the house air.

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