Advancia Academy to focus on variability prior to the 18th ESPN in Poland

Variability: how to monitor its impact to improve feed formulation
calendar icon 5 June 2019
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Gdansk will host the 18th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition next week. At this occasion, Adisseo is focusing its second Advancia Academy 2019 on Variability: The nutritionist’s nightmare.

“Feed is the largest contributor to the cost of animal protein production. It is therefore, the main cause of uncertainty and anxiety for nutritionists and feed formulators. They not only face a wide range of raw materials, including co-products from other industries, but also high batch to batch variation within raw material, from cereal to protein sources. The nutritionist’s objective is to guarantee the best mix of raw materials to improve the efficacy and sustainability of global feed formulations. A better knowledge of variability will then allow to minimise the safety margins and reduce feed costs - without compromising technical performance or health” said Dr Pierre-André Geraert, (Director Scientific Marketing, Adisseo).

"The variability of raw material isn’t an issue…it requires only the best practices to monitor this variability and transform it into opportunities and strategy for better performances and cost savings.There is no bad raw material…but only wrongly evaluated and incorrectly used raw material!" added Pascal Cerneau, (Nutrition Services Manager, Adisseo)

Among speakers, Dr Gilles Tran (Feedipedia) will discuss around the variety of raw materials. Dr Rick KleynSpesfeed, South Africa) will talk about Monitoring variability in feed. Prof Bob Swick (UNE, Australia) & Dr Jan Van Eys (GANS, France) will focus on nutrient variability of oilseed meals: the case of soybean meal. Prof Markus Rodehutscord (Hohenheim Univ, Germany) will emphasise on Variability of nutritional characteristics of cereal grains. The first day will end with a talk from Prof Marc-André Selosse (NMNH, France) about Gut microbiota as the gate to the organism: modulating and filtering nutrients. The second day will focus on how to buffer such variability with addition of enzymes (Dr Natalie MORGAN, UNE, Australia) and how to take it into account in feed formulation with Dr Franco Calini (Tecnas, Italy).

This Advancia Academy will also be the occasion to have workshops around variability with all participants to better exchange on the issues and solutions in the practical context.

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