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calendar icon 29 August 2019
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Connecting Poultry Prevention is a world in which vaccines not only achieve prevention, but also provide information, and in which vaccination equipment not only administers these vaccines in the most precise way possible, but also traces and shares the information, thereby creating greater added value for the process. This world is now possible with SMART VACCINATION, a concept created by HIPRA.

This is the proposal that was launched by HIPRA on 4th July last during a presentation that took place in the heart of the city of Barcelona. The Convent dels Angels, in the district of El Raval, welcomed over 150 poultry farming professionals from different countries in Europe, America and Asia.

SMART VACCINATION is described as a concept that comprises 3 elements: a HIPRA vaccine with an RFID chip, a high-precision vaccination device and HIPRALINK vaccination software that digitises and traces the information generated in the process.

HIPRA has now extended its SMART VACCINATION range with two new vaccines: EVANT®, a vaccine against avian coccidiosis in broilers that incorporates the adjuvant Hipramune® T, and GUMBOHATCH®, HIPRA’s first immune complex for the prevention of Gumboro disease. Both vaccines incorporate RFID technology, a chip that is contained in the product label and that allows data to be collected on the vaccination process.

EVANT® adds an innovative element: HIPRAMUNE® T, a specific adjuvant that boosts cellular type immunity – the most appropriate for prevention of the parasite. In the trials presented, the use of EVANT® was shown not only to provide protection against coccidiosis, but also to be effective in reducing the lesions caused by necrotic enteritis. With the focus on intestinal integrity, vaccination with EVANT® is the option for operating without coccidiostats.

GUMBOHATCH® is the first immune complex vaccine against Gumboro disease to be developed by HIPRA. The innovation incorporated by GUMBOHATCH® lies precisely in the configuration of this immune complex - the addition of specific antibodies that are produced through eggs from hens in “healthy flocks”, that ensure the highest level of uniformity in the formula of the immune complex.

These two products extend HIPRA’s range of vaccines for administration in the hatchery, a segment which is showing a clear upward trend.

During the event, HIPRA presented the development of its coarse spray application device, Hipraspray®, which is now present on all the important poultry farming markets. This enables connections to be established between hatcheries and the farms receiving the chicks, with the process being traced and the information managed digitally. In this regard, the adaptation of the system to broiler hatcheries with larger-scale production and more rapid systems of operation has been very important.

HIPRA presented the new equipment which has appeared in 2019: HIPRAJECT®, a device for subcutaneous injection in chicks, and traceability solutions in hatcheries which use “in ovo” vaccination, Hipratracer in ovo.

The SMART VACCINATION range is completed by Hipralink Vaccination 2.0, a completely updated platform that incorporates new functionalities for both the hatchery and for the recipient of the vaccinated chicks and that encompasses the administration of the vaccines in the hatchery in a single vaccination certificate.

Throughout this process, as the laboratory which monitors HIPRA vaccines, HIPRA Diagnos is a vital element in the whole process. Now, with a greater focus and intensity on molecular diagnosis, HIPRA will also offer a display of analytical results which will be much more useful to its customers and much more intuitive thanks to the launch of Hipralink Diagnos, a portal exclusively for its customers that will enable them to view their results more rapidly and more precisely.

Never has an animal health company been able to offer such a range of products and services at this level. In this way, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to poultry farming and consolidates its position as the reference in prevention for animal health.

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