MSD’s Innoject Pro helps manage vaccination in the hatchery

At IPPE, MSD Animal Health announced a partnership with Automazioni VX Inc. and introduced the Innoject Pro, a newly designed subcutaneous chick vaccination technology.
calendar icon 10 March 2020
clock icon 3 minute read
Taylor Barbosa, poultry lead for MSD Animal Health, speaks to The Poultry Site's Sarah Mikesell.

Featuring an innovative eye and nasal drop vaccination system in combination with the dual subcutaneous application, Innoject Pro provides increased accuracy of injection and greater stability during the vaccination process, reducing stress to chicks and improving operator safety.

With Innoject Pro, poultry producers have precise delivery of vaccines in the hatchery. The equipment allows vaccines to be administered subcutaneously while maintaining the best standards in animal welfare and consistency of the vaccine. It’s important to the animal health industry to bring cutting-edge delivery technologies to new vaccines, said Taylor Barbosa, poultry lead for MSD Animal Health.

“Today, we can have a single vaccine protecting against at least three diseases, but a great vaccine isn’t as effective if it's not applied well,” said Barbosa. “We are addressing the market with Innoject Pro for the part that either doesn’t have a hatchery big enough for Vinovo vaccination or have other conditions in the marketplace that allow for subcutaneous vaccination.”

The new technology allows Bluetooth connectivity of the device, so hatchery managers will be able to know if the birds were well vaccinated or not. The consistency of the application is key, always maintaining a standard application of the vaccine that keeps animal welfare at its best for hydro vaccines, he noted.

“The internet of things or IOT is everywhere, and we are bringing that to the hatchery as well,” said Barbosa. “Not only do we have our Innovax vaccine line that tracks through your system with our genetic tests, like Viral Flex-Seq which helps understand if birds were well vaccinated and follows them in the field, but now with our devices you can track how fast you're doing it, how good your process is and have real time information to understand what are the pinpoints you need to work on with your hatchery collaborators to find areas for improvement.

"If you consider every single point of data as an opportunity to improve your process, at the end of the day you'll be moving forward to your best productivity, a best sustainable road while always keeping animal welfare in mind.”

Sarah Mikesell


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