Theft threat to livestock and poultry caused by perceived food shortages

Reports of livestock and poultry theft are filtering through which are directly related to the Coronavirus “perceived” food shortages throughout the UK.

24 March 2020, at 3:36pm

12 hens might not sound like a lot, but for a small holder in Yorkshire and her micro egg sale business it’s devastating. A van arrived and a man took all the hens overnight. The case is not limited to just smallholders.

The threat to livestock in fields is increasing.

“We are very worried especially during lambing season as people increasingly behave irrationally regarding food”, says Jonathan Ratcliffe from security provider

Smaller animals and poultry of all kinds are an easy target for small scale thefts but can have traumatic consequences for all farmers and small holders large and small.

“Our client reported a van arrive and take her hens. She is mortified. However this is not isolated to small holders, after driving around the Countryside, you begin to see the scale of what might be coming – I just want to get the word out that I see this as a huge threat,” adds Ratcliffe.

“Livestock and poultry in the open should be monitored, and counted daily – take precautions to protect your livelihoods” concludes Ratcliffe.