Brazil's BRF says plant ordered shut over water supply issue

The Brazilian agriculture ministry has closed a poultry and pork processing plant operated by BRF SA, the company said in a statement on Wednesday, citing problems with the plant's water supply system.

29 April 2020, at 5:01pm

The plant in Rio Verde, in the center-western state of Goiás, is one of the company's largest. The Brazilian ministry of agriculture confirmed the order to close the plant temporarily, but declined to elaborate, reported Reuters.

BRF said it is taking all measures and carrying out revisions of its water supply protocols with the expectation of safely resuming activities at the plant "as soon as possible."

In a separate statement, BRF denied any irregularities related to its water management protocols at that plant.

BRF said it does not maintain "parallel" water management control systems with the aim of breaching existing rules and regulations, as claimed by a local news outlet.

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