Smart Vaccination for poultry

HIPRA launched its Smart Vaccination concept five years ago. This concept was entirely developed at HIPRA, forming part of its expertise, and is based on three elements:
calendar icon 17 April 2020
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By: Hipra
  1. A vaccine that features an RFID chip attached to its label that contains all the information relating to the vaccine, such as: its name, the number of doses, production batch, expiry date and individual identification code of the vial.
  2. A specific vaccine application device for the correct administration of the vaccine that provides precision throughout the vaccination process, low maintenance for the hatchery personnel and traceability of the vaccination process.
  3. HIPRAlink® Vaccination software that collects all the information on the vaccination process, generating traceability, and also serves as a management tool, for both veterinarians and hatchery managers, leading to the planning, control and analysis of the vaccination process.

The Smart Vaccination concept for poultry farming started with EVALON®, an Eimeria vaccine developed for long life-cycle birds for the prevention of avian coccidiosis.

Hipraspray® is a device for the spray administration of the EVALON® and EVANT® vaccines that, thanks to its special configuration of electric pistons, is able to deliver true “coarse spray” throughout the vaccination process and that also, thanks to the inclusion of a magnetic stirrer in its design, homogenizes the vaccine suspension during the entire vaccination session.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, Hipraspray® ensures the correct application of coccidia vaccines and, in addition, generates a series of alarms and warnings that help to achieve optimal vaccination throughout the vaccination process.

At the present time, the Smart Vaccination concept is being revitalized with the launch of a new vaccine, GUMBOHATCH®, an immune complex vaccine against Gumboro disease which, like EVALON®, has an RFID chip inserted into the label which contains all the information related to the vaccine.

HIPRA has developed a device for the subcutaneous administration of 0.2 ml GUMBOHATCH® with a high level of quality and precision throughout the entire process. This device is Hipraject®.

Hipraject® forms part of HIPRA’s R+D+i, which is distinguished by:

  1. Its delivery of a precise dosage of 0.2 ml/shot throughout the entire vaccination process, thanks to the injection system provided by electrical activators.
  2. Its control of the vaccination speed of 3,000 chicks/hour, thanks to the way in which the electrical activators work, ensuring that the rate of vaccination is optimal to ensure the quality of vaccination.
  3. The anti-error position of the bevel of the needle. Hipraject® was designed with the aim of ensuring the correct vaccination of chickens. It therefore has an anti-error needle positioning system based on the poka-yoke concept.
  4. The programme that regulates the needle penetration depth. Hipraject® operates with two needle penetration depth programmes:

    1. P1: For chicks from batches of young breeders.

    2. P2: For chicks from batches of more adult breeders.

  5. The ability to detect and correct the presence of air in the circuit, and the flow of vaccine in the vaccine connectors.
  6. Ease of operation and maintenance of the device.
  7. Traceability of the vaccination process thanks to its communication with HIPRAlink® Vaccination.

Finally, HIPRAlink® Vaccination is the third element of the Smart Vaccination concept.

HIPRAlink® Vaccination is the software that records all the vaccination data generated by Hipraject®, providing traceability for the entire vaccination process.

It also helps veterinarians and hatchery managers to manage, analyse and certify their own vaccination activity as described below:

  • Management: Veterinarians or Hatchery Managers can easily check the vaccination data for each session: date and time, number of doses, number of chicks, information on the product, speed of the session, farm etc. The vaccination data are recorded automatically and are objective, transparent and reliable.
  • Analysis: HIPRAlink® Vaccination can generate vaccination reports to facilitate the analysis of data. In addition, the App shows statistical data in graph form (e.g. trend in the number of doses).
  • Traceability: The user is able to generate traceability reports that can be shared directly with the recipient company via HIPRAlink® Vaccination.

Thanks to the concept of Smart Vaccination and its new device, Hipraject®, HIPRA ensures the optimal subcutaneous administration of its new immune complex vaccine against Gumboro disease, GUMBOHATCH®. Hipraject® also generates a whole series of data on the vaccination process that, thanks to its connectivity, communicates with HIPRAlink® Vaccination, software that will analyse and organize the data, generating information that is valid for analysis, tracing and certification.

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