Brazil sends investigators to Chinese port to investigate COVID-19 claims

Brazil’s government is sending agricultural attachés to Shenzhen to investigate claims that Brazilian chicken wings exported to the city were contaminated with the novel coronavirus.

20 August 2020, at 7:31am

Reuters and Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico have reported that the inspectors, who are based in Beijing, are travelling to Shenzhen to probe the infection claims. The Brazilian agriculture ministry did not immediately comment on the information.

Brazil's third largest chicken and pork processor, Central Cooperativa Aurora Alimentos, was the origin of the allegedly contaminated product, according to Shenzhen authorities.

After the potential contamination was revealed, Hong Kong blocked imports from Aurora's chicken plant in Xaxim, Santa Catarina state, over coronavirus concerns.

Last Friday [14 August], the Philippines imposed a temporary ban on poultry meat imports from Brazil over the same reason.

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