EuroTier 2021: Technical program highlights announced

The world's leading trade fair for animal production launches comprehensive technical program, underpinned by the guiding theme “Farming in the Food chain”; Efficient hygiene concept for exhibitors and visitors implemented for both EuroTier and EnergyDecentral, 9 to 12 February 2021, at the Hanover Exhibition Center
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(DLG). With the content of the technical program of EuroTier firmly in place, the preparations for the world's leading trade fair for animal production are well underway. The trade fair, which was postponed to 9-12 February, 2021, due to the corona virus pandemic, will present current technical trends in the livestock sector under the guiding theme "Farming in the food chain". The disruptions witnessed in the global trade and value chains as a result of the pandemic, highlights the importance of robustness in the food supply chain. As a result the livestock industry needs new strategies to meet these new challenges. EuroTier 2021 will focus on solutions in this area. Additionally, more than 1,500 exhibitors will present innovations and solutions for various other challenges in animal production.

Technical highlights at EuroTier 2021

New: The DLG special feature "Emission Control - Measures for reducing Emissions"

This new special feature at EuroTier will showcase solutions and innovations in feeding, housing, ventilation and manure treatment that not only help to minimize ammonia in the housing, but also prevent it from occurring in the first place. Livestock farmers will be able to benefit from the knowledge gained in this special feature, applying it to help meet reduction targets in their regions. Reduction in ammonia emission is also an important goal for the EU within the Green Deal. The special feature on emission control is presented in Hall 7.

New: Focus on direct sale

On-farm processing, as well as the direct sale of their products, offer farmers the opportunity to add-value to their produce and realise more margin for themselves. In Germany alone, about 30,000 farmers currently practice direct selling in different ways. Direct selling is a trend that continues to rise. Farmers serve the growing demand of many consumers for products with traceable origin and freshness – important reasons for many people to buy agricultural products from the region or even "direct from the farmer". At EuroTier 2021, the DLG will focus on the topic of "direct sale" including many technical solutions, products and services as well as current marketing strategies. This feature will be presented in Hall 7, additional exhibitors can be found in the direct vicinity of milk and egg production in Halls 13 and 17.

New: Integrated livestock management concepts for dairy, piglet and poultry production:

Pig management

Future-oriented livestock experts have been invited to share their knowledge on integrated livestock management concepts for animal husbandry of the future that combine animal welfare, environmental compatibility and financial viability.

Livestock experts from several chambers of agriculture, institutes and organizations have been developing several new concepts for piglet production within a working group dedicated to integrated livestock concepts, set up by DLG earlier this year. The results are presented as different animal housing models that meet the future requirements for modern, animal welfare-oriented and the sustainable management of sows and piglets. These future-oriented models can be seen in Hall 15,

Dairy farm management

The dairy housing of the future is set to include enhanced observation of animals within the herd, which will be enabled through digital technology, as well as automation technology. Experts from the Chambers of Agriculture and institutes will be on hand to discuss future concepts in Hall 11.

Poultry farm management

The focus on poultry housing in the future will be on animal welfare-oriented and sustainable keeping. These future concepts will be shown in Hall 17.

Guiding theme "Farming in the food chain"

Consumers increasingly want to know where the food they consume comes from. To meet this demand, transparency and traceability in the value chain are becoming even more important. Feed manufacturers and livestock farmers can thus prove that their processes are in perfect order. "Farming in the food chain", the guiding theme of the EuroTier 2021, classifies livestock farming – like agriculture as a whole – as an important link and responsible partner in the value chain for food. EuroTier will show how transparency and traceability can be implemented in agriculture, and how it can be integrated into digital solutions for the entire value chain.

EnergyDecentral with special feature "Energy production in agriculture”

Heat and power generation in agriculture is an important mainstay for many farms today. The technical program of EnergyDecentral, the international trade fair for innovative energy supply, addresses this important topic in a special feature in the technical program. The focus is the intelligent use of self-generated electricity. Examples will be shown of how the output of the energy generators can be controlled depending on demand, and how the generated electricity can be stored and ultimately how the power can be generated as projected and marketed profitably. The exhibitors at EnergyDecentral will be located in Hall 9.

Hygiene concept for the trade fair visit

A new hygiene concept will be introduced at EuroTier and EnergyDecentral. This concept has been developed with the relevant health authorities and other expert bodies as a measure to contain the corona virus.

"The aim is to offer all visitors not only a safe but also an informative visit," explains EuroTier project manager Dr. Karl Schlösser, DLG (the German Agricultural Society).

"The necessary distance will be achieved, in particular by significantly widening the visitor routes and through measures that regulate visitor density in the entrances and restaurants. This means that - according to the current state of affairs - the wearing of a mask can be largely dispensed with. What is new is that all visitors must purchase their tickets in advance through our ticket store and thus register for any possible official tracing," concluded Dr Schlösser.

Further information about EuroTier / EnergyDecentral 2021 is available at w w w. eurotier. com and w w w. EnergyDecentral. com

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