German agriculture ministry confirms bird flu outbreak

Germany has detected H5N8 bird flu on a poultry farm in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein.

6 November 2020, at 7:29am

Reuters reports that the outbreak has already spready among the wild bird population in the region.

Eight chickens died within a short time on a farm in the state, the ministry said, adding that the rest of the poultry on the farm had been culled and disposed of professionally.

Earlier this year, a case of H5N8 bird flu was confirmed in a poultry farm in the northern state of Lower Saxony.

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture on 5 November ordered the culling of 200,000 chickens after highly pathogenic bird flu was found at a farm in the eastern town of Puiflijk and Britain on Monday ordered a cull of 13,000 birds at a farm in Frodsham, Cheshire, after detecting cases there.

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