Hot off the press – Latest Aviagen Brief on importance of nutrition on egg shell quality in broiler breeders

26 November 2020, at 9:18am

Aviagen® has just released a Brief entitled, “The importance of nutrition on egg shell quality in broiler breeders.”

Written by Alex Chang, Aviagen’s Senior Poultry Nutritionist with the Global Nutrition Team, and produced by the Aviagen Global Technical Transfer Team, the document is intended to provide nutritional advice specific to egg shell quality. It will help customers understand the importance of optimum nutrition and how various nutrients can influence egg shell quality, leading to better hatchability.

Alex Chang explains: “Low hatchability represents a substantial loss in income and profitability to a broiler breeder operation. Poor egg shell quality and contaminated eggs are often the main contributing factors. Therefore, it is important to understand factors that affect egg shell quality.

The Aviagen Brief discusses these factors. Moreover, it also offers solutions as to how to make significant improvements in the number of settable eggs and reduce the loss of chicks due to poor shell quality.”

Download your copy now:

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