Indonesian poultry demand falters in 2020 but is expected to recover this year

Demand for poultry in Indonesia was lower than expected for 2020 as an oversupply of chickens and COVID-19-related disruptions hindered trade flows.

13 January 2021, at 7:53am

Reuters reports that Indonesian poultry demand in 2020 was lower than expected at 2.7 million tonnes, compared to an initial estimate of 3.4 million tonnes.

Poultry demand for 2021, however, is expected to recover to 3.1 million tonnes, according to Nasrullah, director general of livestock and animal health at the country’s agriculture ministry.

However, with production estimates of 4 million tonnes this year, oversupply is expected.

To control oversupply, Indonesia plans to control day-old chick production by limiting egg hatching and bringing in early culling of parental stock of chickens.

Indonesia's farming ministry ordered breeders in September last year to cull millions of chicken and reduce the number of hatching eggs to control a slump in poultry prices.

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