Germany battles another H5N8 bird flu outbreak on turkey farm

Germany will cull 14,000 turkeys after an outbreak of bird flu was reported on a farm in the eastern state of Brandenburg.

3 February 2021, at 7:53am

According to Reuters, officials in Brandenburg said that this was the third outbreak of bird flu in recent weeks.

Type H5N8 bird flu was confirmed in a farm in the Uckermark area, the Brandenburg state government said.

A series of outbreaks of bird flu have been reported in Germany and elsewhere in Europe in past months with wild birds suspected to be spreading the disease.

Sweden planned to cull around 1.3 million chickens after bird flu was found on a farm in the country, Sweden's Board of Agriculture said on 25 January.

Risk to humans from the disease is considered low, but past outbreaks among farm birds have resulted in extensive slaughtering programmes to contain the spread.