Poultry companies to pay $104 million to settle class action lawsuit

The US District Court in Chicago has granted preliminary approval for settlement agreements in a price fixing class action lawsuit against multiple poultry processing companies.

26 March 2021, at 10:00am

According to reporting in Meat + Poultry, the class action lawsuit against Tyson Foods, Peco Foods, Fieldale Corp and George’s Farms Corp alleges that the poultry processors conspired to lower chicken production and raise consumer prices. This action is in violation of state and federal anti-trust laws. It also violates consumer protection regulations.

The court document stipulates that the companies would pay $104.5 million. Fieldale would pay $1.7 million, Peco Foods $1.9 million, George’s $1.9 million and Tyson $99 million as part of the settlement agreement. The court document said the “ice breaker settlements” and the companies’ agreement to provide cooperation will strengthen the class’s case against the remaining processors.

The case has been in federal court since 2016.

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